How to enable Google's "Nearby Sharing" on Chrome browser ?

Google is going to launch a nearby sharing feature on the Chrome browser in the upcoming week. Let's learn How to enable Google nearby sharing on Chrome browser

google nearby sharing
google nearby sharing 

What is Google's nearby sharing feature on chrome browser?

You may be wondering what is Google nearby sharing feature, I'll describe it in a very simple way.

Google nearby sharing features work similarly to Apple's airdrop.

As the name suggests nearby sharing features will allow you to share files between devices wirelessly at very fast speed.

Google has already launched this feature on android smartphones. This new feature is also coming on the Chrome browser.

How to enable Google nearby sharing features in the chrome browser? 

To use the Google nearby sharing feature in the chrome browser, the Bluetooth is necessary for Windows PC.  

To use this feature both devices should be unlocked and placed close to each other with Bluetooth ON.

Steps to enable Google nearby sharing on Chrome.

Step 1. To use nearby sharing feature you have to first download and install the chrome Dev on your Windows PC or you can install the chrome canary browser.

Step 2. In the next step, open your chrome browser on pc.

Step 3. To enable nearby sharing feature, enter the URL chrome: //flags this will open a tab.

open chrome browser
open chrome browser

Step 4. You will find a page known as Experiment page, on this page you'll see a search bar.
In the search bar , search for 'Nearby' and press enter.

open experiment page on chrome browser
open experiment page on chrome browser

Step 5. After entering the above term, you'll find an option of Nearby sharing enable the 'Nearby sharing' option.

enable nearby sharing
enable nearby sharing

Step 6. After enabling the Nearby sharing option, you'll find a button of 'Relaunch'. 
Just click the 'Relaunch' button.

click on relaunch
click on relaunch 

According to the latest report, Google nearby sharing feature will be accessible via chrome://nearby.

This will open a new page, which will show you options like select people you would like to share with a document or any multimedia file.

On this page, you'll find another option on the right-hand side, a list of compatible devices available nearby, and by selecting the one you will be able to transfer your file very easily.

steps to enable nearby sharing on chrome
steps to enable nearby sharing on chrome

Google's new nearby sharing will work on the following :

  • Windows 
  • Mac
  • Chrome operating system
The Nearby sharing is also called Fast sharing in the technological world because with the use of fast sharing features you can easily transfer your files with compatible devices very easily.

Fast share is basically a sharing feature already available on android devices through which you can easily transfer files, photos, and other available documents to another android device.

Google has brought this feature to overcome the problem of fast share technology because fast share technology is not working effectively and has slow speed than nearby sharing technology.

In the upcoming time, the Nearby sharing technology will replace Fast share technology because it offers a very fast speed of transferring data.

Google's new nearby sharing feature on the Chrome browser is just similar to Airdrop which is available for Apple users through which you can easily share files wirelessly between iOS devices.

Both chrome browser 'Nearby Sharing' and  'Airdrop' are very similar features and do the same job of sharing files at a quick speed.

Google's new Nearby Sharing will allow you to share large files in less time between the devices and increase productivity.

How does Google nearby work?

Google nearby sharing technology use a set of APIs to connect the devices.

Google nearby sharing technology uses three signals:

  1. WiFi 
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Audio

WiFi: wifi basically not directly connect the two devices, but if the devices are on the same access point then the two devices can be connected quickly.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth is the best way to connect the devices because it transmits a token which is accepted by the other device to connect wirelessly.

Audio: audio technology emits the ultrasonic waves by which phones connect to each other wirelessly.


These are steps by which you can easily transfer your files. I have explained How to enable Google nearby sharing on the Chrome browser very simple terms.

After applying these quick techniques you can easily enable your nearby sharing feature on Chrome browser and transfer files quickly.

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