9 Best Photo Recovery App for Android Without Root

If you are a smartphone user you surely come up with a problem of losing your photos, files, and other documents accidentally while browsing on phone. In this article, I'll tell you the best photo recovery app for android without rooting your device and how to recover deleted files in android easily.

Best photo recovery app for android without root
Best photo recovery app for android without root

These are some following reasons for deleted photos on an Android smartphone :

  • unexpected removal of memory 
  • error in memory card formatting
  • corrupt images by virus attack
  • accidental click of delete option
  • full memory problem

You know that the rooting of android devices is not an easy process to follow, but many apps arrived to recover deleted files in an android smartphone without rooting your device.

You know that the recovering of deleted files in android is a bit complicated as compared to PC.
Here is the list of best recovery apps you can use to recover deleted files and photos.

Top 9 Best Photo Recovery Apps for Android without root

1. Diskdigger Photo Recovery

diskdigger Photo Recovery app
 diskdigger Photo Recovery app

Diskdigger Android app is able to undelete and recover your deleted files and photos from your memory card and internal phone memory without rooting your device.
This app uses powerful data recovery technology to restore the deleted files automatically.

To use this app you have to perform the "limited" scan option and the app will automatically search for your thumbnail and cache to recover deleted photos in android.

App also provides you to upload the recovered files directly to your google drive and Dropbox or you can save your files in your local folder.

2. Document Recovery

document Recovery app
document Recovery app

This is another app you can use to recover photos and files without rooting your device
It is a fast and simple document restoring app.
Following files format can be restore
  • Doc
  • pdf
  • XLS
  • PPT
  • TXT
  • ZIP

3. Dumpster recycle 

dumpster recycle app
dumpster recycle app

Dumpster is one of the most popular recovery apps on the play store. It is like a recycle bin that automatically backup your deleted files, photos and allow you to recover in your android phone.

This app uses cloud storage, media discovery algorithms, and advance security features to protect your data.
Main features of the app include:

 • Backup of the android app, photos, and files
 • Video recovery is available
 • No internet required for the recovery process
 • Quick recovery of important photos 
 • Free account option

4. Digdeep image Recovery

digdeep image Recovery app
digdeep image Recovery app

Digdeep image recovery is another powerful tool that uses your internal storage and memory card for deleted photos and recovers them very easily and quickly.
To use this app you have to just launch the app and perform the scan feature, it will automatically search for the deleted files.

Main features :
 • Scanning of both internal and external memory is available
 • Easy to use
 • Fast 
 • Without root you can use
 • It can restore the image of jpeg, jpg, png.

5. Restore image (super easy)

restore image app
restore image app

Restore image is fast and easy to use the android app for recovering deleted photos. 

This app uses unique features like: 

• Without rooting your device you can use the app
 • Restoring photos quickly with a smartphone
 • It supports JPG and PNG 
 • Technical knowledge is not required to access the app
 • It is a free app available

To use this android app follow steps 
 Choose folder > to find the deleted photos > click start to recover deleted photos.

6. Recycle Master

recycle master app
recycle master app

Recycle Master is another useful app for image recovery. This app is like a recycle bin and uses the feature of file recovery. App automatically backup all your files in the bin.

Main features:

 • Provide easy backup
 • You can instantly recover your images
 • You can lock app with the password for security
 • It has an auto-clean feature to create space in the device
 • Use recycle bin like Trash in Mac or Recycle bin in pc

7. Photo Recovery

photo recovery app
photo recovery app

When it comes to recovering your images photo recovery is a helpful app in play store. This app is able to recover deleted and hidden photos on your android phone.

Main features:

• Uses two advance recovery algorithms
 • Fast processing of files
 • provide preview option of recovered photos
 • You can transfer and upload files
 • Without rooting you can use the app

8. Video recovery 

video recovery app
video recovery app

You can easily recover your deleted video files by using the video recovery android app available on play store.

Main features:

 • You can recover large video files 
 • App support video formats like FLV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, 3GP
 • Use advance recovery algorithms
 • Without rooting you can use the app
 • Fast processing enables quick recovery of files

9. Undelete

undelete app
undelete app

Undeleter is another photo recovery app available on the play store which allows you to recover deleted files and photos.

Main features:

 • It has an intuitive interface
 • Uses two options for files recovery
 • Provide recovery from memory card
 • Fast processing of a file
 • Recover files like JPG, JPEG,  PNG


These are some great apps by which you can easily recover your deleted photos. I have explained how to recover deleted files in android easily and what are the best photo recovery apps for android without rooting.

After using these apps you can recover your deleted photos without rooting your device easily.

Have you found these tips helpful?

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